Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Infamous PixiePants
Future Sandwich Shop Owner
Lover of Cheese
Trivia Buff
Man About Town


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good-looking, smart & a talented gourmet. Cheese is good!
The Granster

Anonymous said...

Pixiepants you look great! I'll never reveal your true identity - even if tortured!

Unit #1

eastcoastlife said...

You are pixiepants!? *grin*
I can't recall the name of the blue teddy bear.

TOM said...

Anon "granster" he's just precious isn't he??

Anon "Unit 1" would you give him up if we put you in the comfy chair and hit you with the soft cushions??

Eastcoast, That isn't me I would never have been caught holding a Care Bear. I liked Smokey The Bear and Snoopy!!

Bunny said...

PixiePants has only his mommy to blame for his online alias! Mommy AKA "Annie Bannanie".... HA - I didn't give your current "name" away!!!

TOM said... are a sly one...Silly Rabbit!!

sofia said...

thank you for leaving a comment on my birthday post!!!!
it was very nice of you.

choochoo said...

and with a carebear to boot. Oh my:D

Stacy said...

I seem to recall the Care bears being a late 80's thing? So mr PP is a young man , perhaps a nephew, you are proud of and is opening a sandwich shop? Or was it Colonel Mustard in the bedroom with a Gouda?

Miss Strawberry said...

Awe, love the care bear - I had one too - also a blue one!! One of my favourite toys ;)

This is such a cute pic :D

By the way Tom, to answer your question of ages ago, it would be very nice if you add me to your blogroll ;)