Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Trivia Winners and Pictures from Fenway

This is the Weekly breakdown for the top 5 Weekly Point getters for Tom's Trivia Challenge for the week ending Saturday 4/19/08.

Weekly Rank Player Total Points for week Overall Rank
1 Operator9 79 1
2 Sally 75 4
3 Fatback 69 5
4 Tom 68 3
5 bunny 65 7

Operator 9 has for the 2nd consecutive week been the Weekly Point Getter and as I predicted last week has climbed to the top spot in overall scoring...Operator 9 is Number 1. I hope Operator 9's Favorite Red Sox player, Jason Varitek, starts hitting!!

SALLY, from Yeah What Of It!? finished 2nd in points for the week and moved from 8th overall to 4th overall ...Way to go Sally...Did you see Manny last night??

3rd in points for the week was FATBACK, Alarmingly she has dropped from 4th to 5th overall and needs to step up on her game this week!!

Tom, yes, TOM.....the man, the myth , the legend...At least that's what it says on his coffee cup, was 4th in points for the week but has moved into 3rd overall...AND he got to go to the Red Sox game last night..Well Done Tom if I don't say so myself, hmmm, I have been known to talk to myself but now I am typing to myself...crazy, Yes!

The No. 5 point getter from the week is BUNNY, it is her first time in the top 5 and she hopped all the way up from 12th overall last week to 7th this week. If she eats more carrots and plays more consistently we may see Bunny in the top 5 before the end of the mont. Nice going Bunny

Thanks to everyone...All 30 of you for playing the past week and remember you don't have to win every day to make it into the Top 5 Weekly Point Getters..Just play, be accurate and as fast as you can and you can make it up there with the other winners!! Also if you have a blog I'll link you up when you make the Weekly Top 5!!

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If at all possible I'd love to have a baby picture of our contetestents that they would not mind me posting, PixiePants was nice enough to provide me one for the last post and of course I will do anything I can to provide anonymity if that's what you want..Everyone knows what Tom looks like anyway.. Handsome of course!!

Pictures of my Fenway Park Excursion last night..

Parked "FREE" by the tracks on Beacon Street and walked to the park

Grabbed a Hot Dog outside beneath the Green Monster before going inside

Lance Armstrong threw the first pitch.

Manny won the game, did I say 2008 MVP, with a 2 run blast in the bottom of the 8th...He powered the ball out of the park!!

More pics later this week!!


Gledwood said...

Sorry forgive me for being retarted, but what town is that? Surely not New York: I've never seen tramways in railtrackstyle on the streets of New York... not San Fransisco...

what about Chicago?

OK or Boston then?


Gledwood said...

o yeah I see you MUST be in Boston. That's the only place I KNOW in Massacheussets. Not that I'm that cosmopolitanly travelled I "know" it, I know it's in Massacheussets though!!

Gledwood said...

hey Tom I met 2 "wire fox terrier" doggies from Boston... perhaps you know them?

OK and because I live in London I live next door to the Queen ~ I know! sorry I couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I destroyed the field today. I do believe this deserves its own news paper style column in this sections.

10 for 10 in 46 seconds.

A warning has been issued.

-Hollywood a.k.a. The_IQ