Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Trivia Players Pics , Monthly Update

CONGRATS !! Operator9

April's #1 Player

I've been getting lots of pictures from our players and today we feature 2 more contestants in the increasingly popular Tom's Trivia Challenge.

In March we had 20 players and by the end of April we are up to 35 players, and I would encourage you all to play every day as it's the total points you earn that determine our weekly winner who is Immortalized right here at Tom's Hideaway every Sunday!!

Take Tom for example...He had only 1 win in April but managed to come in 2nd overall in points for the month!!

He was also the weekly winner last week..Go Tom!!

Now take a look some of those you compete against at Tom's Trivia Challenge



Stylish Dresser
Lover of Cookies
Hair Stylist Extraordinaire

3 Pictures from Rambo

Rambo's Early Years

Leading his Gang of misfits

Pistol in hand...

Studying his Trivia

You can see a slide show with more of the Trivia Players at the top right corner of the blog..If you can get me a picture of yourself via email, also on right side of the blog..I'll post it with your Player Name only....Believe me if I used Rambo's real name he'd have to kill me...

We take Anonymity seriously here at Tom's Hideaway


unowho said...

The Bonster looks like she was "caught in the act" raiding the cookies!

Rambo--what ever happened to that cute little boy that turned into a gun-slinger???

jackie said...

i agree with unowho about the Bonster.. she definitely looks like she is up to something sneaky.. anndd rambo looked like a kid no one should mess with especially from the almost professional stance he has aiming that gun! overall, very cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Rambo - Love the suit & fedora! Looks like a very young hitman.

PS: Better luck in the May challenge.

newnorth said...

lol, great photos