Sunday, May 04, 2008

Celtics Win Today, Trivia UpdateTomorrow!!

I'll give out the Weekly Point Winner Tomorrow...I worked, I worked out, I had to watch the Celtics, attend a Birthday Party, Watch the Season Finale of Dexter....I was BUSY !!!

K.G., Paul Pierce, Perk and Ray with a little Rajon in there somewhere and ....

The Celtics win game 7 convincingly and as asked by none other than Pixiepants himself, one of our Trivia Players!!

Tom's Hideaway is starting the chant!!

Let's Go Celtic...LET"S GO CELTICS

Say goodbye to the Hawks!!

Celtics are Getting ready to take on King James and the Cleveland Caviliers on Tuesday


PxPnts said...

lets go celtics.

Bunny said...

The Celtics got their act together at home in game 3 - let's keep up the DEFENSE in Cleveland! Woop "King James" and his crew on their own parquet!!! [Not butter!]....