Sunday, May 04, 2008

Well I shirked my administrative duties yesterday on the Trivia Challenge but I am back and I hope I brought MY Brain too, because my scores last week were horribly low...I think it was all the rain and dreary weather or maybe...I am a dunce!!


The scores below reflect the the players who accumulated the most points for the week...There are 6 players this week because there was a tie for third place, plus, I wanted to squeeze The Bonster into the top standings, as she along with Operator9 made their debut on Tom's Hideaway, Trivia Player Picture Series this week....

I am hoping that by showering attention on The Bonster, who made the # 5 spot that maybe I'll get a free Haircut this summer !!

Congrats also to one of our newest players SAS making the top 3!!

I digress,

Announcing: The WINNER for the past week:


That's Kath Lockett our witty and now 2 Time Winner from Down Under...and she's got her 1st book published in Australia Titled: Work/Life Balance For Dummies.

Congrats again Kath!!

Her blog, Blurb from the Burbs is worth the read and her latest post is a funny and insightful look at some of the Joyless Jobs she's had in her life... Personally I'd never realized there were Cucumber Polishers!!

Congratulation to Kath and the other stars of Tom's Hideaway : Trivia Challenge

Player Weekly Total
1.. kathlock 94
2. PG 91
3. Operator9 89
3. bunny 89
4. sas 74
5. TheBonster 65

Any of our winners above whose name is underlined or highlighted in color are linked to their Picture or Web Page.. If you haven't told me you have a web page or sent me a picture for the Picture Series..Do It today !!! My email is on the sidebar.

Thanks to all the new players out there and hope to see you all at the Trivia Challenge this week..I have to go take my test!!


PG said...

always the bridesmaid...

TOM said...

PG Don't let it get you down..I am sure you were as distracted as I was by the Boston Sports Scene!!

Kath Lockett said...

Awww thanks Tom! Right back atcha! I thought I'd emailed you my picture (1970, aged 2, dressed in red sitting in a sink?).

Any questions regarding soccer or US-sport of any kind (NASCAR? Is that a car racing sport or venereal wart?) are like kryptonite to me.

TheBonster said...

Woo Hoo #5!! Thanks for the shout out. As i said before, there is definitely a free haircut in your future!

TOM said...

Kath, I'm lost on soccer and in the US Parliament is a cigarette !!

TheBonster I am gonna caash in on that haircut!!