Monday, May 19, 2008

Trivia Player Picture Series, here's DAWTCH !!


Hailing from Indiana and a new player this month it looks like Dawtch has got good control of the mouse today completing Monday's test at Tom Trivia Challenge in only 36 Seconds!! It must be Witchcraft!!

She sent me the picture above and also a link to her blog. The Life And Times

Great to have you in Tom's Trivia Challenge Dawtch...Tell your friends to come and play..!!


Dawtch said...

Thanks for the warm welcome!! Trivia has always been a favorite of mine, but then again, I do have a bit of geek in me *grin*
I wake up to a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle-nothing better to get your brain functional! I am planning a post about you, is that ok?

TOM said...

Dawtch I love when people talk about me (-: long as they are being nice, as I am sure you will be...Great having you in the game and in the comment box too!

Smith Nation said...

Your such a good host

Kath Lockett said...

Tom mate, I agree, you are a good host and a generous one to boot. Love Dawtch's outfit by the way - wouldn't look out of place on most current starlets these days!

TOM said...

Kath I agree I love that outfit!! As far as a host...well I am a pretty good cook too!!