Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekly Winner, Trivia Update, GAME 7

Player Weekly Pts Overall Standing
1. kathlock 122 2
2. soy-boy 93 5
3.PG 79 1
4. dawtch 76 9
5.Operator9 69 3

Kathlock from Blurb from the Burbs slipped ahead of PG this week for weekly points winner...I think PG may have waited a little too late one evening and that may have cost him consecutive wins!!


The New-Boy better known as Soy-Boy to the trivia players, was just immortalized in the Player Picture Series this week. I told you he was a rising star...Not only that but he's kicked me out of the top 5 for the month!! I have other pictures MUHAHAHAHA!!

PG, once referred to as P-Genius on the shoutbox for the trivia game can't be happy with this weeks scores!!

Dawtch is a mystery player...currently 9th overall and has really poured it on this week taking 4th place for weekly points gained.. Good luck Dawtch...And we could use a picture of you for the series...

Operator9 has made a comeback...we saw her scores slip...I think she blamed it in on being busy or tired.New Job. WHATEVER!!.She must be getting her sleep now..really we don't want to hear excuses at Tom's Trivia Challenge!!!!!

Only other news...

Celtics are playing game 7 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Boston today!!!



Gledwood said...

Ur... what does this mean?

2 English teams are about to play off for the Uefa European (soccer) football championships in MOSCOW next week... lots of girlies have been phoneing up the radio saying "why don't they just hold it in London and save everybody lots of money..."...!!

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Tom - I'm well aware that P-Genius still holds the overall number one spot. All I can hope for is that he goes to bed early and leaves his run too late! :)