Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tom's Hideaway Team Goes to the Parade

The Team Hideaway Road Crew

I couldn't get away for the parade in Boston today honoring the Celtics, but I sent the Team Hideaway in and they brought back a few pictures...

Some of the crew members crave the spotlight more than others....

This guy isn't on the Hideaway Team, but he's certainly a Celtics Fan !!

Hey That's Ray Allen


He's our chief Photographer , Crazy J's , favorite player..

Thanks to Crazy J and the Road crew for the photos hope you all had a great time!!


jackie said...

lots of fun!! celtics fans are the best! we got a lot closer than expected and got to see all of our favorite players.. i must say that seeing leon powe was the highlight of the parade!

Anonymous said...

Is that a tight fade I see there Pixie?


Momzy said...

We were shocked to find people on the street in Lynn, MA. We watched THE BIG CELTICS PARADE on TV and it looked like almost EVERYBODY in Massachusetts was at the Parade!!!
Great show of CELTIC PRIDE!