Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trivia Update, Weekly Winners, Newbies

Another week of trivia has sped by and again it is time to announce the Weekly Points Winner..This week it's a player who has been there before but didn't even make it to the top 5 last week:

A BIG Congrats to :

PG from Annoyingly Boring

Here are the TOP 5 Winners this week

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. PG 118 2
2. Kathlock 102 1
3.Soy-Boy 102 5
4. dawtch 98 9
5. pixiepants 95 15

PG gained 16 points on the leader this week and has got his sights set on Kathlock who currently leads the pack in overall points for the month of July

As you can see the winners are all highlighted in Green which indicates a link...THE TOP Weekly Points Winner gets a link to his/her Website or Blog and the other four are linked to their player picture...So if you are new to Tom's Trivia Challenge or you just didn't know where those links would take you..

Take the time to visit the winners website or take a look into the eyes of your competition...see WHO you are up against!

If you haven't sent me a picture yet, take a look at the ones we have in the Player Picture Series and then send me one ...We need some new pictures !!

Welcome the 4 New Players this week
  1. sdrawkcab
  2. Lalapo
  3. beagleman
  4. Mr Hyde
There 12 more days in the Monthly Competition so there is still chance to move up in the hard, play smart...The TOP 10 Finishers will be in the Hall Of Fame FOREVER and that, I don't need to remind you, is a very long time!!


PG said...

thanks. I needed a good week. after missing back to back days last week I dug a pretty big hole. Still not sure I will be able to dig out. Kath's been in fine form.

Kath Lockett said...

Augh, PG, my arch-nemesis, wins again! Seriously, though, well done mate.

AintNeverScared said...

yes!! 10/10 this time; i'm comin up! just gotta remember to play everyday :) and only you know who i am exactly...

love ya babe