Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trivia Update....Sort Of

I'm just getting the Tom's Trivia Statistical Generator up and running this week so please forgive me for not culling the actual Weekly Point Leader out of the field of players this week. Instead, I have used the lazy method. That is: Copy the to ten leaders from the Fun Trivia game itself, post it here, and take a little credit for being in the top 10 !!

It's been a crazy week. I have received calls from players on the West Coast complaining about some of the tests, some players here on the East Coast who whine about not earning as many points as the person ahead of them. I've explained that they should just tough up. Accuracy and Speed are just as important . Stop whining and play the game.

And not to name names but ROSE is complaining on the Shout Box about Steve, the Trivia Chicken who started working around Easter 2007 as a member of the Hideaway Pictures Team. Steve is not a stalker, he's a friendly chicken who promotes a Vegetarian Diet, enjoys trivia , photography and chocolate...and apparently he has his eyes on Rose.

Also Welcome to The Vinyl Villager, out newest player, we love welcoming new players !!

Well I am off to adjust the categories for the week and I will be tracking the top 5 Point Leaders for the next 7 days so tune in for that next Sunday.

Player Total Points
1. dawtch 130
2. gutterguy 129
3. Shaun 123
4. MsTerious 113
5. PG 110
6. TheJackster 102
7. kathlock 97
8. bunny 97
9. Tom 95
10. Operator9 92


Anonymous said...

aww thanks!

TOM said...

Vinyl-V you are welcome and I posted this early today and meant to get back and put your link in, oh and add an E to the "Updat" in the title of my post, done and done!!

Kath Lockett said...

No whining from me - it's all swings and roundabouts...

But I've nearly recovered from the flu, so hopefully I'll improve next week!