Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New PC and Prohibition

Well the technical difficulties have come to an end. I purchased a new PC Tower I found on Craigslist...It's working famously and I am sure it will inspire great things.

As of 3:04 EST I am sitting atop the heap in 1st place at Tom's Trivia Challenge...of course there is a lot of time left in today's game.

Woke up this morning to a cool rainy day. Quite the change from the weather we have been having around here of late. I must admit I do like the cool weather...such a welcome relief to the heat and humidity.

I received the following picture of a poster that was used during Prohibition and I think it would have inspired me to drink more...

What a Happy Bunch

I'd have to slug back several shots of moonshine before I would ever want to kiss one of those gals !!


Momzy said...

Tom: Even the dumbest of P.R. people would have more sense than to use those scary women in a legitimate advertisement. This has to be a joke and it really made me laugh!!!!!

Sally said...


razz said...

I agree with ya Tom, I want to drink more in order to not look a thing like them!

Although I swear the one in the middle looks oddly familiar!

*I changed my link by the way*

Kath Lockett said...

Oh. My. God - so *that's* where the all-staff photo from my last workplace disappeared to!