Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baseball, The HBO Series ROME, and Look Alikes

The Red Sox and The Devil Rays are set to start the American League Championship Series on Friday in Tampa Bay...

Speaking of Bays, I have a picture of him still in his Pirates Uniform before being traded to the Red Sox and he really

looks a
lot like the actor who plays in the HBO Series Rome:

Kevin McKidd: He plays the part of Lucious Vorenus, in the show but it sure looks like he could easily sub for Jason Bay in left field for the Red Sox ....

I'm picking the the Red Sox and the Dodger's as the teams that will make it to the World Series and the only thing I won't like about it is that we fans will have to endure Tim McCarver as the Color Guy in the Telecast Booth. The fact that FOX Sports insists on McCarver and his sidekick Joe Buck as the announcers for the World series is truly DESPICABLE !!

Here are some of Tim's insights to the Game,

1. Tim: "Something to keep in mind -- it's raining lightly. The infield could be very wet on ground balls.".... errr, you think so Tim???

2. Tim:
"Pitching is such a vital part of the game, as far as winning is concerned" ....Oh, and I bet you expect us to believe batting is important too!!

2004 ALCS, Game 5? Red Sox vs. Yankees . David Ortiz hit a home run into right field. Tim: "Mt. Everest erupts again!".....too bad Mt. Everest isn't a volcano!

McCarver busted out this bit of brilliance during the Red Sox/Orioles game one Saturday: "The reason we call that pitch up and in is because the arms are attached to the shoulder."..... Ummm what?

Tim has no place in a Television Booth where he can spout is inane, nonsensical "insights" to the millions of viewers who watch the game.

I found these comments and more at Tim McCarver Please Shut Up!!

If you have a minute, Contact Fox Sports with a note and ask them to replace Tim McCarver as the Voice of the World Series before it's too late....



Not keeping up on the sports so thanks for the info. on another not glad to see you are back from you 6 days off from blogging. started to get worried.

UNOWHO said...

McCarver does tend to ramble on and on.....but, as we get older, that seems to happen to a lot of people -- some who are only "50".

Bunny said...

Oh my gawd - the Red Sox are doing awful!!! It's just amazing that they just don't seem to be able to get their hitting or pitching doing anything the last few games.. I don't think we will care what color sport coat McCarver is wearing or what he is saying!