Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trivia Update

Here is the breakdown for Top 5 Weekly Points Leaders at Tom's Trivia Challenge. It's been a busy month as I have been up late watching the playoffs for the MLB...

Player Weekly Pts
1 lemonyellow 134
2. Johnny 121
3. Operator9 85
4. Tom 84
5. dawtch 72

A couple weeks ago I had posted a Poll asking people : If they had to choose, would they be an Alligator or a Tiger.

The Tiger was the clear choice of the majority. I am a fan of the Tiger myself and so yesterday I was a little disappointed when the Florida Gators whipped the LSU Tigers in College Football..It's ok though...I'd still choose to be a Tiger over an Alligator any day.

Alligators are part of the crocodile family, the crocodile has a wider snout and neither a re a match for the Tiger.

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choochoo said...

what if it's a superhero tiger? Like thundercats?