Saturday, October 18, 2008

7:30 Red Sox vs Rays

Steve is watching the game
He can't close his eyes!!

After an unbelievable comeback in the American League Championship Series, the Boston Red Sox are in St Petersburg to play the young Tampa Bay Devil Ray team with a chance to tie the 7 game series 3-3.

The Red Sox were all done, at least I thought so, as did many others that I spoke with, watching the game Thursday night in Fenway , the Red Sox down by 7 runs in the 7th inning, TBS running the credits , the announcers wondering how the Devil Rays will do against the Phillies , people filing out of Fenway.......

I went to bed !!

When I woke up the miracle had happened. The Red Sox pulled of the biggest comeback in ALCS history since 1929 !!

It's game time tonight at 7:30, I want to watch but being superstitious and all I am wondering if I should just go to bed early, for luck !!



Anonymous said...

lets go red sox--- lets go !!!
i hear you on the going to bed early stuff and not jinxing things , but tom ---- ya gotta watch the sox!! nice to see your posts are back.
p.s. i-am-so-glad-manny -is-out!!!!
just my thoughts,
bonnie (aka) thebonster

TOM said...

Bonster I watched the whole thing and I believe I am personally responsible for motivating Varitek !!

I sent him encouraging words using my telepathic powers


Anonymous said...

yes, i do believe it worked. do it again for tonight!!! that game was
awesome! i didn't even miss manny!!! thebonster

Anonymous said...

end of the line. oh well. it was a great run. lack of depth finally caught up with them.