Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red Sox vs Devil Rays.........continued GAME 7 !!



Hopefully TBS will have the complete broadcast as we had to listen to the first inning and a half due to technical difficulties.

Also I was worried when the announcers again started to concede the win to the SOX before the game was even over as they did during Game 5 at Fenway where the SOX made their historic come back ... I thought OH NO !! Now they are jinxing the SOX !!

But NO, we had theRed Sox MOJO all over the family room, old tickets, Red Sox Hats, Team Photos....Clearly the MOJO Magic is with the SOX

John Lester will pitch for the Red Sox in front of all the Tampa Bay Devil Ray fans that are now looking just a little sad and very worried.

GO SOX !!!

T.B.S. stands for Total Boston Success


Anonymous said...

'twas a good run.

UNOWHO said...

I am soooo sad for our beloved SOX.
The Rays were worthy opponents tho; but I have to admit, I'll be cheering for the PHILLIES.