Thursday, January 29, 2009

So this is MY Bailout!!

$819 BILLION !!!

$42 Billion for Highways and Mass Transit - NICE I think they are going to buy me a car or a Bus pass

$72 Billion for Health care, Education AND the Environment....Awesome !! Finally those nice politicians are going to use my Tax dollars to pay for National Health Insurance

$102 Billion for Unemployment and Food Stamps...this must be for someone else because I don't use food stamps and the last time I collected unemployment was in 1980 and I couldn't wait to get out of that line !! Maybe they should just throw this at National Health care

$110 Billion for Business Tax Benefits.... this will be used for Corporate CEO's and there severance packages

$211 Billion for State Aid ...Any of this money that gets earmarked for Massachusetts will just be sucked up into a vortex and never be seen again...might as well throw it at National Health care

and MY Favorite....

$110 Billion for "Other Expenses"...Politicians love that phrase "Other Expenses"

I can hear it now, John Kerry, Senator from MA, calls Ted Kennedy, the other Senator from MA.

"OKAY, Teddy, we got that, "money" we should arrange a meeting in Fiji or for the Foreign relations committee, I'll have my Secretary's Secretary call one of her assistants to make the arrangements"

"Are you even on that Committee John??

"Hey I don't know but it's frigging cold here Ted and I don't see any reason why we shouldn't show an interest in the Economic development between Fiji and the US, besides last time I went to Fiji it rained all day."

"Oh, You didn't pay for the trip did you John???"

"Hell NO! Teddy!! It was a little junket sponsored by the lobbyist who have given me the most campaign funds over the years."

All this bailout money, the Car Industry, The Financial Institutions and now., er uh...US, well it's all got to get paid for by your Tax Dollars!!

I think it would be in the best interest of us Citizens, that if we are going to lay out all this spending that it would be better to have National Healthcare for all...

I mean think how many people who pay HUNDREDS of dollars a week for health insurance could take that money and spend it at the MAll or the Car dealer, maybe buy a house.

Now THAT would stimulate an Economy

But no, we will hand our money to the politicians...We might as well go to Vegas and lay it all down on the roulette table, I'd bet on Black...It's been luckly this year !!


Kath Lockett said...

Hey hey HEY Tom, I thought you were supposed to be doing a rain dance for us hot folk down under?

Robert said...

I have other expenses. How many billion do I get?

I could use a new snowblower.

TOM said...

Kath I've been dancing and I think it worked...

Robert, I need some more Vodka!!

Abas said...

Funny..billions of dollars going places like to the undisclosed 'other expenses'..*chuckle*

Kath Lockett said...

Sadly it didn't Tom. I felt exactly one DROP on my arm today; just one....

....can you try lifting your knees up a bit higher and waving your arms around in your next dance?