Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boston Via Cambridge

Driving a little out of the way, I headed into Boston today with my nephew and his friend "Chester" who we dropped off at his Frat house on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA

I managed to bypass the $3.50 toll and see a few things we don't always see just speeding down the highway. And I am pretty sure it did not cost us $3.50 in gas to take the long way.

I snapped these pics when we dropped "Chester" off,


We stopped at Brookline Smokehouse and ate dinner. I had a rack of BBQ Ribs, corn bread and potato salad with a order of their Homemade Jalapeno Poppers...AWESOME BABY !!

Then we headed to the South End to check on a property we have been trying to De-Ice, a friend of mine owns the house but he's in Florida now, poor thing, I think it was like 80 degrees there today.

Later I took another pic on West Concord Street in the South End...

and yes it's from atop the "Red Rocket" and as dirty as the car was, we still were able to get a "Red Rocket Reflection" picture...if you don't know what that is go back and read about the other Reflections in the series


Skinhead Barbiedoll said...

Sounds REALLY awesome! Tasty food is orgasm!

TOM said...

Skinhead, I'm thinking with the language translation from Swedish to English, you meant "orgasmic"