Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring coming !!

Breeds Pond - Lynn, Massachusetts

The lakes and ponds are melting. Spring arrives here on March 20th !!

The temperatures around here are rising and before you know it trees will be budding, the birds and the bees will be back!!

Screens will come down and windows will be opened...Fresh Air and Sunshine !!

I cannot wait.

My oldest son lives in San Diego where the sunshine and mild temps are pretty much year round and aside from an occasional wild fire, earthquake or mudslide it's a paradise!!

Here in New England we would not be surprised to see mild temps all through March and then be buried in a snowstorm in April.....It has happened !! (No Fooling on April 1st, 1997 a record 25 1/2' inches fell at Logan Airport in Boston)

Yeah, if you don't like the weather here, wait a minute, it will probably change.

I like the 4 seasons we get here.

I think there are times when every season throws it's worst at you.

Winter it's the frigid temps that are worse than the snow.

Spring we have had some flooding.

Summer it's not the heat, but the humidity that can really suck.

Autumn, well raking leaves can really get old fast.

But I love a good snowstorm and then right after we get buried, how the neighborhood kinda comes together, everyone helping each other dig out.

Spring, it's amazing, one day you notice buds coming out and the next it seems you are surrounded by a sea of green. Life everywhere.

Summer, the beach, a perfect blue sky, the smell of the Barbecue Grill and the taste of an Ice Cold Beer on a hot summer day...Awesome.

Autumn in New England, it's the colors, I mean people set there vacation plans around coming here to view the foliage, sorry guys I LIVE here..and I love it.

Sometimes life gets humdrum and boring, at least we in New England can count on the crazy weather here to change things up from time to time !


unowho said...

RIGHT ON, TOM!!!Nothing boring about living in New England--especially the climate.

Dawtch said...

Are you sure you're not in Indiana..? You just described us to a T - and the "Don't like the weather? Stick around a minute, it'll change!" is a mantra we live by! Starting about now, Hoosiers wear a sweat shirt, over a tank top, carry an umbrella at all times, and stomp around in snow boots, while carrying sandals in our bags...I've literally seen all four seasons in ONE DAY here! A cloudy morning, clearing to a sunny day, temp going from 45 in the am, to 70 in the afternoon, then clouding back up, temp dropping, rain starts in the afternoon, only to become snow as the temp drops to 25 as the sun goes down! All in the same day!
But I spent a year and a half in FL and I HATED not having seasons, and wouldn't trade em for anything :) - plus, I'm a snowbaby at heart! I LOVE snow - in the Winter, anyways...LOL


You are so positive. I still not sure why I am in New England.

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