Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where I'm blogging from..

This is Kathlock, author of Blurb from the Burbs , the Burbs being down-under in Melbourne, Australia.

Kath in the sink, it's been very hot in Australia lately!!

Despite the fact that she fits in a sink and looks a bit young to have her own blog, she is quite prolific and has a great sense of humor.

In her last post , Blogging Beauty, she tells us a bit about where she Blogs from and she's asked me to do the same.

So here I go....

The Red Rocket, or what some readers may confuse with a well used but dependable old Toyota, is often the vehicle that gets me here and there and has also inspired my series of pictures called The Red Rocket Reflections, like the one taken for a previous Posting "Commonwealth Road", one of "The Rocket's " favorite destinations.

The Rocket has proved to be both a vehicle in the standard sense , getting me around, and a vehicle for my imagination.

Did I mention that it's turning radius is probably it's best feature. You can bang a U turn just about anywhere.

I've labeled these next photos to point out the Hot Spots and or important things to notice...

I write the majority of my posts just behind the window labeled Tom's Hideaway, just down a level and to the right is "Minnie" the house dog's favorite perch...., more on Minnie later......One of Tom's Team members is about to board the rocket, most of my Team Members have contributed pictures in the past.


The Spy Spot

Minnie has an entire love seat to herself, she also models for Tom's Hideaway and is the current Profile Model, she took over that position after Tom Bunny and Steve the Chicken.

Tom Bunny did go to California last year but doesn't really contribute much anymore.

Steve who is in the next picture may be headed to Washington D.C. later this month for a photo shoot. He's a little worried as there are a lot of Chicken Processing companies close to D.C. and he doesn't want to end up as somebodies lunch !!


The Control Room

This is the nerve center and as you can see Steve is at the desk and working hard. Pinocchio is coming up with story ideas, The Tommy Fund is still awaiting a Bailout, and I need to buy more Beer!!

Well I don't know if you have learned anything other than the fact that I communicate with stuffed animals and fictional characters, really I do !! It all started a long tine ago...

Oh, and Kath...

Tubs are so much more fun than Sinks!!


Kath Lockett said...

Tom,your house is gorgeous and so is Minnie. She *deserves* her own love seat.

The bath shot, however is THE MONEY, Tom, the money!

Dawtch said...

Beautiful home! I love those big, old houses *sigh* It's nice to get to know the people you're getting to know each day on their blogs. Erm...did that make any kind of sense..? Probably not, it's entirely too early to make sense...oh well, Hi Tom!

jaCkie said...

great blog! i loved the captions.. it is impossible for minnie to take a bad picture.. you really captured her in her essence.. i must say tom's hideaway photographed much neater than it usually appears.. andd the coloring in the photos is really vibrant! new camera trick!?

choochoo said...

But do you fit in a sink?

Anonymous said...

Tom, I love your place! Looks like a great place to spend a snowy day.And all the skylights! love those

Abas said...

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