Saturday, July 11, 2009

It turned out that the weatherman was wrong !!

I had planned to wake up this morning and hear the all to familiar patter of rain outside my window, instead a blinding light woke me early and I saw the same thing I did yesterday.


2 Days in a row? What the hell is happening?? You might get the idea that it is summer around here or something!!

I was all ready to go over to my favorite Donuts Shop ( Last Post) and enjoy one of their tasty creations and now with all this bright sunshine I just didn't think I could hide away inside munching on those calorie rich delights and sipping my black coffee.

That damn weatherman..I want his job so I can be wrong most of the time and still get paid!!

The sunny day that greeted me, sent me straight to the coffee machine, a bowl of Raisin Bran and a healthy 45+ minute workout. The Treadmill, The Elliptical and some weights, if this sun stays out for awhile and I can avoid those sinful donuts.......

I'm going to be BUFF !!

No Cigarettes for 13 DAYS !!


TerminallyUniq said...

What a hottie!!!!! Keep pumping that iron baby! :) We are having periods of intense rain and gloom, then sudden sun and warmth here...It's like Florida

UNOWHO said...

What a joy to finally see some sunshine! I'm sure the flowers are really going to break out blooming after all of the rain. Smoking is still a "no-no" -- keep up the good work.

dawtch said...

Keep at it!