Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts on Sunny Days and Donuts

The weather around here has been extremely wet. I cannot remember a June or July when it has rained this much. While it is good for the garden, the ducks and the local reservoirs, I am really getting tired of it.

Yesterday was beautiful and I was inside painting all day and really couldn't appreciate it.

Today looks like it's going to be clear and sunny all day with temps in the upper 70's F.

I will be at work all day and really won't get to appreciate it, but it is Friday. Looking ahead I see that there is a chance for rain both Saturday and Sunday. Nice, give us the nice weather in the work week and then let the rain come in on the weekend !!

Well with all this rain and the fact that I have quit smoking, really I mean you have to go outside and smoke these days anyway and I was getting soaked !!

This is day 12 without a smoke !!

Anyway, with all this rain and no smoking I have been thinking a lot about DONUTS.

Not just any donut, KANES Donuts. There is only 1 KANES Donut Shop and if you are going to go ahead and eat a donut, there is no such thing as a "diet donut" then you should really consider eating quality calories. Don't waste your time at Dunkin Donuts or any of those mass produced donuts shops...

Get up early and bring an umbrella. I am headed to Saugus, MA tomorrow morning and I am going to get me some donuts and sit in the house and watch it rain.

Have a nice weekend !!

Oh, and I don't get paid to promote or advertise anyone on this Blog. I just consider this a public service announcement.


Kath Lockett said...

Hang in there, Tom. Treat yourself to some Kane's once a week to celebrate another seven days of being off the smokes.

It's been EIGHT DAYS of no-chocs for me, but I'm gonna fall off the wagon tonight. Unlike smoking, I don't intend on quitting, but just reducing. By ninety percent. *sigh*

Robert said...

I forget which one it was, but one of the national TV networks/news services declared Kane's one of the 10 best donut shops in the country.

As good as Kane's donuts are, I still think that the original Mrs Foster's (before the last owner that went out of business) were even better.

Robert said...

PS: It was MSN. Their list of the top 10 donut shops in the country is at:

dawtch said...

Eat one for me !