Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day Weekend...The End

We are lucky to have a great weather for this Labor Day weekend.

The weekend that really spells the END of summer .

No more Beach Days....

The Party bear will miss those Beach Days !!

But the Fall remains my favorite season, the colors, the warm days with no humidity. Cool nights that are great for sleeping and Football !!

Thanksgiving, my Favorite Holiday in my Favorite Season

Every Sunday and Monday and sometimes Thursday...It's Football, Snacks and Beer !!

Of course there is also Baseball if the Red Sox can keep it going this October and if they only go farther than the Yankees I will be happy with their season.!!

Enjoy your weekend and let me know,

What will you miss about summer ??
What are you looking forward to this fall ??


choochoo said...

well, Im going to miss that nice period we had at first with load of sunshine and boating and just....YAY.

But here's hoping that I'll find a very cool grown-up job this fall. Correction: a very cool, grown-up paycheck.

TOM said...

Good luck with that, good job + good pay + maybe Boat of your own(-:

Kath Lockett said...

Well it might 'fall' for you guys (we call it 'autumn') but down here it's now Spring!

TOM said...

You Australians just like things that start with Au..... Have a great Spring, hope all your flowers bloom!!

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