Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whacked out ACID Trip

I've been experimenting with ,
NO not ACID !! I have been experimenting with ideas as to a title that might grab some poor suckers attention just long enough to write a damn comment !!
I also thought I'd throw in a few pictures of what I think it might be like if you watched the NFL on LSD

Really though,

I'm just guessing ....

Seems as though it would be a bit

Thing is, using Crazy Titles may be a little like the boy crying wolf.
Here I am promoting a story about a "Whacked out Acid Trip and there was really no acid involved!!

Think of this visit as being part of an experiment and you are one of the test subjects, sorry I haven't any drugs for this experiment. On the bright side, I don't have any surprise elctro shock treatments in store for you either !!

So how did you find this post? and What led you here??


Kath Lockett said...

Bloody 'ell - I had a crap nights' sleep last night and now my eyes are subjected to this...!

I hear ya re the comments, Tom. Sometimes you wonder just who is 'out there' lurking, staying low, never tapping out a remark....

dawtch said...

I came for the trivia!!! Yanno, when I was younger, and less, shall we say SANE?...I did take acid, with the belief there were these things called "flashbacks." Free buzz on down the road!!!! Yeah - not happening. I feel I've been gipped :(

TOM said...

Kath, you are so good, maybe the chocolate is keeping you awake!!

Dawtch, you little devil(-:

TerminallyUniq said...

ha ha, i was led here from facebook! and yes, i just had to find out what the NFL could possibly have to do with an acid trip of anyone's. good work, mate. :)

although i did a fair share of experimenting in my day, i never partook of any acid trips. too scary, as i have an uncle who is schizophrenic, for one thing, and they say he is much worse off than he would have been had he not taken so much lsd. ah well. i hear the flashbacks are often not so fun either.

unowho said...

I was led here by my loyal son with whom I am able to disagree on a lot of issues but we haven't thrown each other away!