Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Cover Up

Sporting a new hair cut  courtesy of my friend  The Bonster,  I hit the streets of Cambridge, MA with my buddy Joe, looking  for some live music and a few cold I.P.A.'s

Joe had told me about an Irish Pub (The Plough & Stars, 912 Massachusetts Avenue) that featured live music at 4pm. It's a small place so if you want to catch a seat at the bar, get there early. We did and  the Englishman who was sitting next to me at the bar told me before the band began to play that  "The bar should charge admission because these guys (Josh Lederman and the Csars ) were really good"

He was right and throw in a surprise appearance...My son Patrick stopped in to see me and was able to listen to a song before heading out to do whatever 18 year olds do...

I was particularly impressed with the Clarinet player, really don't see that in a bar band too often, and the fiddle player was also quite good. It was a mix of Irish music and whatever else the band felt like playing...

After the show we headed to Somerville and ate one of the BEST Burgers and absolutely delicious Fries and Onion Rings at R. F. O'Sullivan and Son. This was Joe's idea as well. It didn't hurt that Joe knows the management and we were able to get a table in few minutes.

To finish off the night,  I left Joe with his friend at the restaurant and I went to the Lizard Lounge,  a short walk as you can see in the map above,  for    The Cover-Up hosted by Brendan Boogie "A Tribute To Neil Young"

The Cover Up series of shows is something Brendan gets some of the most popular bands in the Boston music scene to come down and play in this tiny basement bar with velvet walls where Budweiser  Bottles are only $3.25 and they play covers of some of the legendary musicians of our time.

Josh Buckley

The Show was awesome and the musicians didn't just play the notes they played their hearts out. It was a mix of solos and ensemble bands. Neil Young's music can be  acoustic or filled with heavy metal romps. All the acts were great ! I spoke with the singer, Josh Buckley,  from The Gilded Splinter's who hopes to release their newest album, HOUSE,  sometime in March 2010 and  he told me he was hoping to find places to play up in my neck of the woods...I've gotta send him a list of  places so I can check out his music next time.

The Lizard lounge had some great looking Nachos but I was stuffed with Burger and so I didn't get to try them. Overall I think it was a great venue to see a show and you won't go broke paying $3.25 for a bottle of Budweiser....

I took some fairly good pics but I will have to post them later as I left my camera in my friend Jackie's car !! Hope she locked it!!

Well I am off to work

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TerminallyUniq said...

WOW! sounds like i missed another exciting night in beantown. so jealous! a FIDDLE and also a CLARINET?! craziness :) it sounds awesome! glad you had fun, tom!