Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Diets, We are all on one -Try The Tom Cat Diet

The TomCat Diet says Strawberry Pie is OK

It's the truth..we all are on one diet or another. The South Beach Diet or The See - Food know - see it, eat it - Maybe you are on a starvation diet, by choice rather than by circumstance I hope, or my favorite...I developed it a couple years ago, the Budweiser Diet.

di·et : the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group

We may be on a Multicultural diet, Soul Food on Sunday, Italian on Monday, Chinese on Tuesday...etc, etc..

Or we may be on a diet fit for Cows.....Vegetarian.

Fried Chicken Cutlets are OK Too!!

Whatever it is that we eat, is our Diet. I no longer am on the "Budweiser Diet", it was fun while it lasted, it did cause me to shed some weight. I still think if I Published the Book men all over would be ripping it off the shelves... Seriously if someone told a guy to go on a diet and he went to the bookstore and saw..."Losing Weight with Fresh Vegetables" or "THE BEER DIET" , which one would he pick???


So why am I writing about diets...well, there are the 10 -15 pounds I'd like to say goodbye to for one. But when I was on the Treadmill every day and eating the "Right" foods it didn't seem to matter. Nothing changed...It reminds me of a friend of mine who has a cat that is sorta FAT. She exercises her cat making it run all over chasing a little pen light and feeds it the Lo Cal food but the cat doesn't change, it's still fat...

I feel like I'm kinda like a Tom Cat, while I don't really feel FAT, I want to shed a few pounds..So I am trying something new..The talking heads on television said that drinking red wine can be healthier than exercise...This is good news!!

Also, I heard that people often try to change too much in their diets only to revert back to there old eating habits...So the key is to just change one or two things in your diet...then it's easier to honor your commitment to the changes you make..

Awesome!! So here is my new Diet:

The Tom Cat Diet:

Less Exercise, more Red Wine and I am gonna cut cream out of my coffee!!

I'll let you know how it all works out!!

I'm calling it the Tom Cat Diet, unless someone can think of a better name!


newnorth said...

sounds good. I just gave up soda four days ago (woohoo 4 days down). It's not a big deal but I feel so much better. Plus it's an easy goal so I am proud of myself and then eat better at the meal because I am doing so well. Or something like that.

and Strawberry Pie! YUMMMMM, save me a slice!

eastcoastlife said...

I could lose 10 pounds. I want in on the Tom Cat Diet! Red wine sound good but it's expensive here in Singapore, due to the import taxes.

My post explaining what's a Waxed Duck is up. hehe.... Do you know we Chinese refer the gigolos as 'ducks'. So waxed duck could mean a waxed gigolo. hahaha......

Hey, wish you could visit Singapore some day during our Chinese New Year. Lots of yummy food, activities, learn interesting Chinese customs....etc. Think about it.

AintNeverScared said...

Red Wine..mmmmm

You know, I noticed I hadn't heard about the treadmill lately :)

I think I know a tom-cat who approves of this diet too. So that's at least of 2 of you. And by the way, he ENJOYS chasing the laser...

Dizzy Dee said...

Red wine isn't particularly tempting for me. I once managed to drink numerous glasses of it, but that was after I had a couple of shooters :O

It was when I was a lot younger, and I can promise you the end of the evening was not very nice, or the parts that I can remember of it in anycase.

I'm also trying to lose weight before the wedding, but its not going very well. I go to gym, and have stopped eating bread during the week. I also don't drink coffee at all, only Rooibos tea, without milk.

Something which I'm still working on is drinking more water. I don't mind it really, but I hate going to the bathroom so often!!! :P

Anonymous said...

I've gone onto the Auntie Anne diet, tea, no coffee. It's been a month & I'm going to start wearing pastels and doing pilates.

-Gay Hollywood

Jay said...

I think I'm doomed either way.

Actually, it's always been a goal of mine to have my relatives select a "plus-size" coffin when I die.

Milly Moo said...

You're on my wavelength, Tom.

At the moment I'm 'dieting' because I no longer have sugar in my coffee.... No, instead it's already included in my red wine, champagne, gin and tonics, chocolate, cheesecake and cookies!

choochoo said...

I always thought cheesecake was okay.


Crap, I'm frikkin starving.It's by choice, by the way. I'm to lazy to get out of my chair.

Anonymous said...

Today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and dieting is #1000 on my list of important things. #1 is THE PATRIOTS and winning!

TOM said...

Nenworth. Good for you...I'll save you a slice of pie

Eastcoast, come diet with me, I have plenty of Red Wine!!

Aintnever, I want to meet your Tomcat

Dizzy, I hope that's Tap Water, you know Bottled water contributes to global warming!!

Gay Hollywood...I bet you look wicked awesome in those pastels

Jay...We are all doomed

Milly...We do think alike

Choo Choo, cheescake is fine, get off your ASS

Anon..I'm with you 100 percent

Sally said...

The Patriots losing has made me too depressed to eat...that is the WORST diet!!

Anonymous said...

I had a fat cat! Now I have a fat dog! And I appear to have grown a fat back! I sense a pattern here!
The most annoying thing about diet and excerise are the disgustingly thin and fit people in spandex who tell you how easy it is to look like them! FAT CHANCE!